Our Point Of Difference

Our Point of Difference

One size does not fit all

Our strategies are developed by subject matter experts for each market.

We think global and, act local

We work with the target audience and client outcomes in mind.

‘One Stop Shop’

All our services are strategically integrated, we can look after your business needs all under one roof.

Region-wide reach and comprehensive local network support

We have long-standing relationships with our partners in-market.

We work open and transparently

Asia can be a complex business environment, we make it efficient and easier to understand.

What We Offer

We work with our clients to understand their objectives, deepen their understanding of their Asian audiences and craft tailored marketing communications strategies that connect the dots and drive results.

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Bastion AgencyBastion Asia is part of Bastion Collective, which is the largest independent communications agency in Australia. We exist to be the Bastion of Australian Ingenuity. Our integrated agency network allows us to deliver simple, original and resourceful communications solutions to our clients’ complex problems. Bastion Collective clients can use us for one specialist service or our entire integrated offering, delivered through one central point of contact. We do this all to help our clients create, grow, measure and protect their businesses.

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