The Brief

KORA Organics was founded by Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr to provide customers with a healthier, safe and toxin-free alternative to beauty brands on the market. Recognising the potential in the Chinese market, KORA approached Bastion Asia for assistance in driving awareness among Chinese consumers to communicate that KORA was now available on their shores.

Bastion Asia launch KORA Organics in China

The Approach

When we considered the right way to launch KORA to consumers in China we considered the big risk to the campaign – counterfeiting – and therefore decided to tap into the US$8 billion KOL (which stands for Key Opinion Leaders) movement that drives the success of many brands in the market.

To overcome the risk of counterfeiting upon KORA’s launch offshore, we had to ensure that the brand was aligned with trusted sources of information, and those that can also drive sales.

As Chinese social channels such as WeChat are highly commercial and you can seamlessly buy a product in-app, we pinpointed an exclusive group of KOLs and media, hosting a press briefing in Shanghai to introduce the product to them.

We brought Miranda along herself to add further credibility to the message, create excitement and ensure the audience understood this was very much the real deal.

The Result

A total of 21 media attended the event, including key magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazar and ELLE China, together with other leading mainstream lifestyle and beauty media. Additionally, 9 KOLs from fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors attended the event, with a total follower reach of over 14 million.

Social Reach
Miranda Kerr for Vogue China